Double Mug Chocolate Cake

Ahem AFizzle I think you meant Double Chocolate Mug Cake, err no actually AFizzle I definitely meant Double Mug Chocolate Cake.


Double Mug Chocolate Cake - Double Mug
My Very First Mug Shot

I have no words to describe how I feel about this mug. Only very excited squeals.

Anyway, this was too easy and that is because it was so very unhealthy.

Basically I have a stack of baking chocolate that is only pretend chocolate. I realised I could use it as a multi-purpose ingredient, since it covers sugar, cocoa and fat requirements of any chocolatey dessert. Ergo easy cake.

100 g of melted pretend chocolate, about 3 tbs of flour and ¼ tsp baking powder (I’ll admit I’m making that up because I used/could only find self-raising flour), ½ tsp vanilla and an egg.

Put that in the microwave on high for 1 minute and you’ll have cake. Adjust if you wanted it more or less cooked – but not by much (give or take 10-15 seconds maybe?)

Double Mug Chocolate Cake - Cake

It was so very yummy and so very not good for me, but hey, all things in moderation right? So it’s fine. Assuming you don’t immediately proceed to make it again. Which would be silly. ha. ha.

Double Mug Chocolate Cake - Eaten
My Mug Post Mug Cake #2

So in more important news, both Pakistan and South Africa are 3-0 up in their respective series’. So the obvious question, “Hey AFizzle, how are we only hearing about this now? Where have all your celebratory desserts been this past week?” There haven’t been any is the short answer. The long answer is there haven’t been any celebratory foods because I haven’t watched any of the 6 matches I’m supposed to be celebrating. Let that sink in for a second. 6 matches. Me. I missed 6 matches. Pakistan and South Africa. And they won them all. HoW iS THiS pOSsIbLe?

Well, recent developments have meant I have to spend my nights sleeping. So that I can spend my mornings awake. Coz I got a job.

The littlest Fizzle is officially a teacher, and has been entrusted with littler padawans.

That’s right, call me Jedi Master Fizzle.

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