Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato

You know that moment when you’re hungry and you’re thinking:

Garlic-y Mashed Potato - Sam gif

Now today I had a plan, the plan was not mashed potato. It was sautéed potato. I realised half way through the sauté-ing process that I really should have boiled them first. So I boiled them. By the time I remembered to check on them, they were not sauté-able. They were mush. And so I mushed them some more. Because mushed potatoes with the appearance of mushedness does not cause quite the same first-bite astonishment as mushed potatoes with the appearance of sturdiness. I prefer to avoid food related astonishment.

Also: use mushrooms.

Hobbits love mushrooms.

Garlic-y Mashed Potato - Pippin Mushrooms gif

And if you were inspired by brother’s basil enthusiasm, also use basil.

The most important ingredient of all however: Sfizzle’s steamed garlic paste.

It’s SO simple you will be eating garlic paste for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.

If by any chance, after halving your garlic, steaming it in the rice cooker for an hour, squishing it out into a bowl and marvelling at its garlicky beauty, your bowl then finds itself smashed across the kitchen floor – garlic and all, simply take deep breaths, find a sponge and a vacuum cleaner, and repeat the process without smashing the bowl to the ground this time.

I forgot to capture the moment with a photo so instead you can look at what my post-garlicked kitchen floor looks like:

Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato - Kitchen Floor
A very offended but clean kitchen floor

Now when you have your second batch of garlic paste (try not to waste this one) add salt and mix it into your beautiful mashed potato.

Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato 2

And everything will be ok.


4 thoughts on “Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato

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  1. The Hobbits are so clean,what I admire most about them is they have squeaky clean houses…. and kitchens….. thanks for cleaning the kitchen floor.


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