Cheesy Béchamel Lasagne

So the other day I remembered that I really, really, really liked Basil and Cheese.

There are many things one can put Basil and Cheese in; the fridge, the cupboard, food. Having already achieved the first two in a mere minute, I decided to attempt the latter; partly for completion and partly because the main reason I liked basil and cheese (other than the aesthetic), is the taste, which requires me to make something to eat it with.

Of course, I could have eaten it all raw, but I decided the title ‘Raw Basil and Cheese’ was in generally poor taste.

So I thought for approximately five seconds and it was decided, I would be making Béchamel Lasagne.

In terms of cooking, there are only two parts; the filling, and the sauce. For the filling I used:

~ 400g of Mushrooms

~ 200g of Courgette (Zucchini)

~ 200g of Spinach

and fresh Basil

Slice up all ingredients, lightly fry and salt to taste. This can be done in any order depending on how you feel; but I would recommend the stated one. (Also mixed in some grated mozzarella because why not)


The sauce is standard Béchamel sauce:

~ 87g of butter

~ 87g of flour

~ Lots of milk (I used just under 1L of goat’s milk. Why goat’s milk? It was what I had. This is of course because I bought it, and I bought it because I wanted it, and I wanted it because I liked it. Therefore, I suggest you use a milk you like to use.)

~ 150g mozzarella (see above)

And fresh Basil

You can vary mass of butter based on the quantity of sauce you want to produce. As long as butter and flour ratio is constant at 1:1. Because this is the only sauce I used for the Lasagne, I made lots of it.

So with Béchamel, you start with medium heat and melt the butter, mixing in the flour. Once it’s all hot, you start to add milk (if you add milk before it’s hot enough, the flour will separate from the butter and form dough with the milk; if this happens, stop adding milk and just wait for it to heat up and it will mostly go back to normal).

Anyway keep adding little bits of milk.

Keep going.

Keep going.

Keep adding it a little bit more at a time.

Now, if you add it in all at once, what happens is you get a very lumpy sauce and that is aesthetically displeasing and you should apologise to the sauce because it deserves to be beautiful.

So keep adding milk slowly and once it reaches an appropriate level of thickness, add a little more milk and make it too thin.

Then add the cheese; that should thicken it back up and make it cheesy; which is mostly a good thing. After that, add in the basil and salt to taste.

dsc_0900Cheesy Béchamel Sauce Texture

Now the sauce and filling is done, it’s a simple matter of setting out the baking tray, and layering lasagne slices with filling and sauce. It goes something like this (from bottom of tray to the top):

  1. Baking tray (extremely unwise to skip this part)
  2. Béchamel sauce
  3. Lasagne Pasta
  4. Bechamel sauce
  5. Filling
  6. Bechamel sauce
  7. Lasagne Pasta
  8. Bechamel sauce
  9. Filling
  10. Bechamel sauce
  11. Lasagne Pasta
  12. Bechamel sauce
  13. Filling
  14. Bechamel sauce
  15. Lasagne Pasta
  16. Bechamel sauce
  17. ~150g of mozzarella cheese as topping

Then you bake it for however long it says on the Lasagne box. (Assuming you have such a box because you bought the Lasagne from the store like me and didn’t make it yourself, which would be quite an impressive feat)

Because I used two different Lasagne boxes (one old and one new) and they both had different instructions (35 minutes at 200oC and 40 minutes at 190oC), I decided to go with 38 minutes at 190oC, which, obviously, was a partially arbitrary decision.


And it turned out delicious. =]


PS. I eat this for breakfast and feel like it should be in the breakfast category.

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  1. where were you all this time, hiding behind your basil or stones? This one seems very saucy, I mean Bechamel saucy! Seems yummy too!


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