Cheesy Baked Broccoli

Consider these propositions:

  1. You have broccoli in your fridge that needs to be used
  2. You do not like/want to be wasting precious and healthy broccoli stalks
  3. You have been instructed/requested not to overcook broccoli
  4. You are craving something cheesy/white sauce-y

What would you do? What would any of you do?

Well, this is what I did. I immediately took care of proposition 1. Broccoli time. Prepare/chop Half an onion, and 2 broccoli heads… trees? branches? stalk? Whatever. You guys know what I mean. Broccoli bouquet, I’ll call it a broccoli bouquet.

This is all Very Important. Pay attention:


The broccoli bouquet is cut as if you’re just snipping out some small flowers, and saving the stems. Then you chop up the stems into small pieces. This process should take care of proposition 2.

I’m so smart.

Fry the onions until you are content. If you are not content, but the onions are done, stop anyway. If you are content but the onions are not done, fry then until they are done.

Add salt and garlic paste. I used my ready made garlic paste from my Steamed Garlic Paste (or Roasted Garlic Paste).


I have now officially referred to a previous recipe of mine for an ingredient. I feel validated as a recipe blogger, somehow.

Anyway, then, in a move that will take care of proposition 3, add the broccoli stalk/stem parts, add just a bit of water, cover, and cook until they feel more edible/softer to you.

 White sauce time! (Proposition 4, people) Add flour and vegetable soup cube/chicken soup cube/vegeta*, cook for a bit, and add milk slowly. Optional: add cheese.


Wait for it to cool a bit, so when you add 2 eggs, they don’t get cooked. And mix with the other broccoli:


Bake in baking tray. Add some MOAR cheese if you want and bake it a bit more just to melt that cheese. Eat it by itself or as a side dish, whichever you choose. Or as a dessert? I mean, hey, whatever you like, really.


I’m officially putting this as a totally improvised recipe gone right. Go me.


*Balkan vegetable salted spice I use as a convenient Chicken and vegetable cube alternative. You can look it up. It’s the food spice one, not the spiky haired anime dude.

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