Avocado Kiwi Ice Cream

(The Avocado Chronicles: Part 3 of 3. See Strawberry Avocado Mousse and Egg Avocado Sandwiches (ft. Tuna Avocado Sandwiches) for more Avocado discoveries.)

Who. Doesn’t. Love. Ice Cream.

AFizzle, this may be for you. Dairy free Ice Cream! (if you can bring yourself to try an avocado recipe without chocolate) ShFizzle and Izzlet1, this is definitely for you. No-Bake recipe that does not have any sugar! I looked it up! They do grow avocados in Morocco!

It even earned Mr. Kizzle’s seal of approval. His feedback went something like this:

  1. You’re making what with them? That’s…ok
  2. Okaaay, i’ll try it but I won’t make any promises to like it.
  3. Oh! it’s actually alright.
  4. Oh, hey, that’s really pretty good.
  5. I actually like it!
  6. Do you remember the proportions? Good, because you should make it the same way next time.

This, from Mr. Kizzle, I have come to consider glowing praise.

So these are the steps:

I used 2 average sized Avocados, 1 Kiwi, and Honey to taste, and squished them together in the blender. You can try using another fruit in place on Kiwi, and another sweetener in place of honey.

Place in container of choice and place in freezer. Two hours later, give it a good mix.


Before serving, leave it out of the freezer for a bit to soften just a little. It’s just creamier.

Eat it.


SFizzle out.

16 thoughts on “Avocado Kiwi Ice Cream

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  1. This sounds absolutely yummy! I’ll bookmark this on my pinterest for later use 😀 I need to clean out my freezer first, because right now I can’t really fit anything new in there hehe :p

    Liked by 2 people

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