Egg Avocado Sandwiches (ft. Tuna Avocado Sandwiches)

(This is the beginning of a 3-part series encapsulating my discovery of how beautiful and versatile avocados are:  Also see: Avocado Kiwi Ice cream and Strawberry Avocado Mousse)

Some years ago, MamaFizzle and SFizzle sat in front of a laptop, searching for a recipe for a strawberry parfait. Thus, a YouTube video was opened. Eager for instruction, young, naive SFizzle awaited the knowledge that she thought could enable her to make the perfect parfait (pun intended).

The video started with promise. She watched as the strawberries were meticulously cut, and arranged into a beautiful pattern at the bottom of a small glass bowl. Heavy cream was whipped and arranged as a delicious looking layer above it.

…and that was it.

That was the “recipe”.

The instinctive, almost involuntary, explosion of indignance from MamaFizzle was something so unexpectedly powerful and so deeply visceral, that SFizzle’s own skepticism was muted in the face of it.

The following recipe risks being such a recipe. However, it is one that is just yummy, and I never would have thought of it without prompting, so I am going to post about it anyway.

You have been warned. Try not to react like MamaFizzle did to the “Strawberry Parfait” recipe.

So in the beginnings of my avocado quest/discoveries, I found that people use them as an accompaniment in sandwiches.

As in slices.

In sandwiches.

I could cry. The beautiful creamy, ready made concoction, turned into solid chunks of unflavoured sidekicks.

But it did inspire me. It would go deliciously well in sandwiches. But as the creamy flavoured king it was always meant to be.

And I remembered MamaFizzle’s simple but yummy egg sandwiches. So I tweaked the recipe.

Boil eggs, squish eggs with some salt and pepper, puree avocado with vinegar and salt to taste, mix all together, put in sandwich/on toast.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Try not to be too offended by the lack of recipe-ness of this idea. It was delicious.

Alternatively, you can make a tuna sandwich recipe!

Do the Avocado/vinegar/salt thing. Sauté onion and tuna in a pan. Put them in a sandwich/on toast.


Now I feel like an internet troll for even calling this a recipe, but you should know that I sincerely mean it’s good, and a lot of people wouldn’t think to do this! Like ME. Before my Avocado awakening! And I just wanted to share this with you guys, OK?!!!

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