Black Bottom Banana Cupcakes


I saw this on Feasting on Fruit and was very excited because BANANAS but this definitely could have gone better. I mean I happily ate them and everything and they’re good but I still could have been less of a potatohead about it.

Allow me to elaborate.

Dates are the sweetener in this recipe – and so far that’s never really worked out for me because the food never seems sweet enough…but on top of that I manage to further mess this up.

First, I didn’t consider adjusting the recipe and roughly calculated 12 dates from my carefully prepared stock of pre-pitted and chopped cheap/not-very-sweet dates. (Already I have failed in the whole ‘thinking ahead’ concept.)

Then I put them in the blender because this is usually the fun part right? It worked out great and I got date paste, very exciting, and then I added the ¼ of milk.

It was less of a paste but that was fine, I figured I wasn’t going for a paste, so maybe now would be a good time to add that 1 cup of water right? Right? No.

Feast your eyes on this little piece of art:


Yes SFizzle, I did it too after laughing at you for, wait for it, throwback to a failed smoothie:


Anyway, I thought it was beautiful, and Mama Fizzle dismissed me as “crazy”, not for my accomplishment but instead for proceeding to take a photo of it. But you know what that Forbes dude said, “Failure is success if we learn from it take a photo of it.”

So there.

The rest of this was straightforward:

  • Mix whatever is remaining of the date paste into a mix of 1 cup oat flour, 1 tsp baking powder and ¼ cup cocoa powder
  • Make half a cupcake with them and make an indent
  • Fill the indent with dollops from: 2 mashed bananas with ¼ tsp cornstarch

The recipe calls for chocolate chips in the banana mix and I highly advise you listen to the original and not me. I was too lazy to chop chocolate and also I was covered in dates/date water. My batman shirt was very offended.

I baked these at 180 degrees and being caught up with you know, scrubbing the wall, I left them for either 15 minutes or 20. It seems I’ll never know.

Regardless, I got cupcakes that looked a bit like they were covered in grilled cheese. Seemed like a win given the circumstances.

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