Sri Lankan Cutlets

According to most Sri Lankans, this is probably a fake recipe. A mere lie. An impostor. An amateurish pale imitation. A pathetic rendition of the real supreme Sri Lankan Cutlet.


No Chili.

Anyway, so if you want such things in your life, just add chili to the onion part of the process. Then you can achieve true Sri Lankan greatness.

For me, who is, in a shocking twist, brown but not chili-adapted, if you take away the chili, this becomes a favorite of mine. There have been legends told of a young SFizzle crying out against the fridge, asking for this precise dish. This is dedicated to her.

The ratio is more important than the quantity, so for 2 tuna cans, you use 3-4 average onions and 2 average sized potatoes. The only other ingredients are salt, vinegar and pepper.

  1. So anyway, boil potatoes (Or microwave to save time)
  2. Fry chopped onion well (caramelize), then add flaked tuna
  3. Mash in potatoes
  4. Add salt, pepper and vinegar to taste.

I’ll be honest. This is where I usually stop, and you can too, if you want. I love cutlet filling just eaten with bread, and deep frying is unhealthy, and quite frankly unnecessary for enjoyment of this dish. I just eat it with bread, or in a sandwich, or as a filling, or even by itself! And importantly, it’s easy. Also healthier.


But anyway, if you want to achieve true Sri Lankan greatness (or it’s Eid and you have been requested to make something fancy-pants), you may continue. This is the annoying time consuming part.

Make them into little balls:


  1. Then dip them into beaten egg, and coat them in breadcrumbs.
  2. You can repeat this process if you want a thicker crispier crust. If you don’t mind spending time doing such things.
  3. Then you deep fry them until the breadcrumbs are sort of the right colour- brown-ish like in the blurry photo.


There we go. Officially, it must be eaten fresh, almost immediately after frying. So all that hard work gone into making that crispy crust doesn’t go to waste and become non-crispy.

Unofficially, do as you wish, because deep frying food each time you wish to eat it seems unnecessary to me. But that’s maybe because I’m lazy? I think it’s a good policy to be lazy when it comes to food. You need to find a balance of minimum effort and maximum yum.

So there we go. I have shared with you my favouritest Sri Lankan dish ever. Slightly modified to my tastes.

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