The Confused Biryani Process

Is it buryani or biryani? Sri Lankans for an inexplicable reason call it buryani. It’s the revolution of the U.

So anyway, forget the name, this shouldn’t be too hard to make! All I need is to find a recipe! Maybe a couple to see if there are any varieties I can adopt. It’s really quite simple.

Okaaaay…There we go, Chicken Biryani…Chicken Hyderabadi biryani…Hyderabadi style chicken biryani…this sounds promising.


They all have different spice list ingredients…that’s fine, I’ll just put all the ones that I have from all of them? Would that work?

Oh, here it says cook the onion first, then add chicken, then add rice-wait, no, this one says just put the chicken in one way…and this one says another way…and this one says…something even more complicated.

Ok, ok. So it’s fine…that’s actually perfect, there ARE no rules. Not precise ones anyway. You can kind of improvise. That’s fine. So really, all I have to do is look up quantities…here, I’ll just look up one more recipe…

Wait, what? What do you mean, warnings of what not to do? ‘Do not overcook the rice’, ‘make sure you have enough salt’ or ‘no matter how many spices you put it’ll be bland’…so there ARE rules? Why are they all DIFFERENT?

I don’t understand.

Guys, it’s just rice…

Ah! Rice Cooker! I’ll just look up a recipe that tells you how to make it in the rice cooker! Perfect. It’ll probably be easier anyway, and the pots I have aren’t big enough anyway…


Prep Work: Ingredients Assemble!


Cut up Potatoes. Gather cashew nuts. Chop up Onion and Garlic. Marinade chopped Chicken breast in Yogurt and tomato. Prepare spices, which include cumin, garam masala, cloves, cardamom, chili powder, turmeric, ginger paste and garlic paste.

Also, wash and soak Rice, then half-cook it.

Phase 1: So cook the onion and any whole spices you want to add. Add the chicken, potatoes, nuts, spices and salt and cook until mostly cooked.

Phase 2: Put in into the rice cooker, add the half-cooked rice over it as a layer, add any water for cooking, for me, just covering it with water worked. Add salt.

Phase 3: Wait for it to be done and eat it.

I think I put in too many cloves…

Still…it looks like biryani…it smells like biryani…it sounds like biry- Wait. Biryani doesn’t make noise, so what is that- Oh. Right. Never mind. That’s just the sound my brain makes when it’s thinking. It only does that sometimes.

…It actually tastes pretty good.

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