(Sri Lankan) Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Warning: This post has been Sri Lankan-ified. See Glossary below for translations.

Do not approach this dessert if you are hungry  Bada Guini. Upon the first bite of this very easy, no-bake, unconventional traditional food, I remembered why I loved this as a kid. Upon the fifth bite, I remembered why i stopped making it. It’s just tooooo much.  All that sugar and butter… I recommend small-small serving sizes.

For Eid, I was tasked with making something unhealthy/traditional. So I made a request to Mama Fizzle for this very Sri Lankan Dessert, otherwise that carefully crafted and kept recipe would have been in vainno? I was sent this beloved and very obviously highly used recipe:


So let’s get to it, shall we? Or at least, my slightly modified version:

First, crush the 400g of Marie biscuits/Graham Crackers/Adequate Alternatives into smithereens/smaller pieces, and soak them in 1 cup milk.

Then, beat 300g butter with 300g sugar. Add 3-4 tbsp Cocoa Powder, separate 4 eggs, and beat separately till fluffy, then fold everything, including yolks back into the mix.

Then you layer cream mix at the bottom of some kind of a baking tray (but it doesn’t have to be since there is no baking involved), followed by a layer of soaked biscuits, repeat this process and end it with the cream. Like this:


And TAK, just like that, you’re done.

You do have to wait for it to set for at least a couple of hours in the fridge, but basically, you’re done.

AFizzle, Can I get a Namo? Or 16?

Bon Apetit Hari Rahai

Glossary/Sri Lanka Translation and explanations:

  • Bada Guini – Hungry, or more literally, ‘stomach fire’ to express just how discontent the tummy is with the whole empty situation.
  • Toooo much – (there is a strong and elongated emphasis on tooo) It means unpleasantly excessive, referring to a quantity, quality or a combination of things that cannot be expressed in the moment. Most commonly used in the statement: “These children are toooo much.”
  • Small-small – Repetition of an adjective is commonly used to convey ‘very’, as in ‘very small’, and is pronounced as one word.
  • In vain – Signifies significant disappointment in fruitless results. Often comes with accompanying hand gestures.
  • No? – Used at the end of sentences, and means “Isn’t that right?” to further emphasize the authenticity of the aforementioned statement. Almost like a challenge.
  • TAK – An onomatopoeic word designed to indicate a sense of urgency and speed
  • Namo – Salutation, repeated many many times in succession in the very very long Sri Lankan National Anthem
  • 16 – The number of ‘Namo’s in the Sri Lankan National Anthem
  • Hari Rahai – Very tasty. Usually accompanied with side to side head movement (of appreciation)

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