World Peace Cookies

In a Fizzle home far far away, a cutesy teen version of ShFizzle once opened our smaller Fizzle minds to the true potential of the world. With a cookie.

A family favourite for a long long time, these little wonders are often present at Brother arrivals, and other festive occasions. i.e. EID

And so we have made it to Part 3 of our Chocolatey Eid. The Chocolate Almond-Butter Balls were for adorableness points, and the Brownies were to meet chocolate needs, but these cookies serve the simple purpose of introducing perfection to an otherwise incomplete festive spread.

So follow and be amazed:

  • Step ONE: Combine 1 ¼ cups plain flour with 1/3 cup cocoa powder and ½ tsp baking powder
  • Step TWO: Cream 150 g of butter
  • Step THREE: Mix in 1 cup brown sugar, 1 tsp vanilla and ½ tsp salt to the butter
  • Step FOUR: Combine eeverything
  • Step FIVE: Mix in 140 g of chopped chocolate.
  • Step SIX: Shape dough into 3 weird looking logs (about 1 ½ inch in diameter). Wrap these in cling film and store them in the fridge for a few hours, or overnight, or freeze them for a lazy day
  • Step HOURS LATER: Chop up those logs, about ½ an inch thick. Place cookie circles on a baking tray and bake for 8-10 mins at 165 degrees.

The secret to these cookies is in the baking time, just remember, appearances are entirely misleading. At 10 minutes max take them out even though they look very not-done. They are supposed to look not-done. If you poke them, they will even feel not-done. Ignore all of the signs that would usually be cookie-relevant and listen to moi.

Out of the oven, leave them for 5 minutes on the baking tray and they will still look not-done. But you’ll know that they are when you flip them over and they should feel the same underneath as they do on top.

At no point will they look totally baked in the way that a typical chocolate chip cookie would but they really really are. Just eat them. You will know.

They’re kind of moist-crumbly and somehow melt in your mouth. Mama Fizzle liked them so much, she was trying to very subtely request more cookies. There are many things amusing in life, Mama Fizzle trying to be subtle is one of them.

She also commented that “at laast” she could enjoy my chocolates. This was a bit dramatic I thought, seeing as it has only been my latest endeavours (literally over the last week) where my chocolate use has crossed over to the dark side, but then hyperboles have always been a fundamental component of inter-Fizzle communication.

Which I imagine also applies to whoever named these cookies. Then again, if you eat them, you’ll probably understand where they were coming from.

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