Chocolate Miracles, I mean Cake

We need to talk. Things are getting serious here at Fizzle HQ. I’ve learnt things. Terrible things.

My whole life, I always thought I knew chocolate, understood chocolate, loved chocolate like it deserved to be loved. I was wrong.

Now I love chocolate.

And I don’t mean Toblerone or m&m level of chocolate, I mean proper 100% actual chocolate, which in my defence, I didn’t know is actually sold to us common folk. I’m not talking about the baking chocolates that say 70% cacao, or even 80%, or 85%, I mean ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CHOCOLATE. As far as I can tell the only brand that sells this pure goodness over in our little red dot is Hershey’s and I don’t mean to advertise but it’s real chocolate and it’s really good. If this is a normal thing where everyone else lives please don’t rub it in.

Throwback to our go-to chocolate bread recipe from *gasp* two months ago, and I mentioned my then-recent purchase of the precious chocolate bar that has been sitting in our fridge for yes, that long, waiting for the perfect recipe to capitalize on its pure chocolateness. This entire time I’ve hesitated out of a fear that I’d waste it on something that would overpower its purity with corrupting ingredients, what I didn’t realise was, it can only ever make things better.

I’m sure this Chocolate Cake recipe I found online was really good anyway but I’m also sure it’s the chocolate part that changes everything.

This was the dictionary definition of a perfect chocolate cake. Correction, this was the dictionary definition of perfection.

I haven’t been this happy since West Indies beat England in the last T20 Final. Which reminds me, our combined optimism worked yesterday, Pakistan won which is great but not nearly as great as this cake.

Speaking of the cake, this is how it’s done:

Note: Coconut sugar is completely replaceable for normal brown sugar. But adjust for taste and also based on how much sugar is in your baking chocolate, assuming it’s normal corrupted baking chocolate.

  • Beat 80g butter with 2 tbs coconut sugar and 3 egg yolks
  • Melt 80g of PERFECT UNCORRUPTED chocolate (or normal baking chocolate) and mix into the butter
  • Put ¾ cup almonds in a blender with 2 tbs coconut sugar, add the results to the butter
  • Separately – beat 3 egg whites and add salt, a drop of lemon juice and 2 tbs coconut sugar
  • Stir a spoonful into the main mix and fold the remaining egg whites in.
  • The original recipe gives a total baking time of 1 hour and 10 mins…I however put this on a slightly too large baking tray so it was very flat and only needed 10 mins at 180 degrees to be perfect. Even if that’s not the case for you I’d keep an eye on it from 10/15 mins onwards because it’s flourless and should get done quicker than usual, I don’t see why it would need more than 20 mins.
  • Icing, ganache, frosting or whatever – any topping is called for. For a good old chocolate sauce (it was supposed to be ganache but we were impatient), I followed instructions from It’s Yummi: For 100 g chocolate, melt just 2 tbs butter with ¼ cup milk on the stove and pour it over the chocolate once it’s starts to bubble. Keep it in the fridge for as long as your patience lasts, then add it to the cake.

The outcome is so beautiful you might cry. It’s doubtful, but if you’re me it’s possible. Still unlikely, but always possible. We are after all talking about chocolate.



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