Mushroom Stir-Fry

I find it very difficult to follow recipes when it comes to spice-dependent food. And so I either end up with different combinations of vegetables that taste the same no matter what, or a very strange assortment of flavours in a single dish.

Today I found myself dealing with the latter.

Normally I’m a big mushroom fan, but there’s something about shiitake mushrooms that make me sad. This is why I put them in a wok. Because this is what you do to foods that make you sad. Only to foods. Do not put other things in a wok.

Not only did I put mushrooms in the wok, I also put onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger (which was a pairing that for some reason weirded brother out), and I flavoured it all with the default spices: cumin, coriander, garam masala…and then decided, if it’s stir-fry, surely it should be…less Indian? And so I also added oyster sauce and fish sauce. I almost took the soya sauce but the bottle looked like too much effort to extract from its shelf.

It occurred to me as I added the extra sauces that they might not agree with the garam masala…but at the end of the day the goal was simply to overpower the naturally super strong shiitake flavour.

Also I was going to add one egg to scramble into it. I did add one egg. And then I added 3 more. And then I didn’t have enough eggs later to make chocolate cake. Even though I had planned to make chocolate cake. I was very disappointed in myself when I discovered my error. In fact, I’m still quite disappointed.

On the bright side, I quite enjoyed my mushrooms. Even though they were shiitake. But they would have been much much better if they had not been shiitake. Also a capsicum would have been nice. But I seem to be using up capsicum supplies quite rapidly. Actually, it was brother’s cooking that consumed the last of our capsicum, in a lasagna that you have not heard about because that lazy muffin hasn’t blogged about it yet. I told him I wouldn’t be pushy so instead I’m complaining via blogging that he won’t even read about because he’s not just a lazy muffin he’s also an aloo head.

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