Strawberries, Chocolate, Cake and Yum

I have no words.

I lied. I do have words, I just don’t have the words necessary to express my absolute delight at my new recipe. To be fair, it has strawberries, and I am delighted by most things strawberry…but still, this one is up there…I’d say alongside the Strawberry White Chocolate Cookies recipe.

For strawberry lovers: the strawberry : cake : chocolate ratio is perfect. In a lot of strawberry recipes, I find the strawberry gets lost in everything else and it just doesn’t feel like a proper strawberry recipe anymore…

Also, I’ve heard that where I now reside, Strawberry season is coming.

Strawberry season.



Strawberry. Season.


Anyway, it’s pretty simple (inspired by this delicious looking recipe from Julia’s Album):

Slice 500g Strawberries into pretty shapes. Optional: (sprinkle 1 tbsp brown sugar) on them, if they are not sweet enough for you.
Beat 2 tbsp butter, 1 tbsp yogurt, ½ cup honey, and 1 egg
Then mix in a combination of  1 ½ cups flour and 1 ½ tsp baking powder
Fold in ⅓ cup Chocolate chips/chunks (leave a bit to sprinkle over the strawberries)

This is a very thin layer, spread out over a large (buttered) baking tray area so as the accommodate the yummy strawberries. Then bake at 175 for about 20 min, or until a bit brown on the sides.

Then, spread the strawberries and a few chocolate chips over and bake just to melt the chocolate a bit, leaving the nice juicy fresh strawberries nice, juicy and fresh. I challenge you to resist the yum.


This is a definite favorite of mine, and I know for a fact I have grown from this experience. We bought a weighing scale and everything, so I know.

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  1. Looks so so yummy and with all the strawberried in my area at present, this will be a must try.
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