Double Layered Baked Rice

Fancy  sounding, am I right? How did I achieve this magnificent architecturally sound food achievement you might ask, bewildered at my utter genius. Accidentally, I would reply, also bewildered at my utter genius.

How could this accidentally happen, you may echo my own internal sentiments on the matter. Well, you see, it is as follows:

I had every intention of executing a rapid meal, so I put some rice in the rice cooker

I then chopped up some vegetables (tomato, cabbage, carrot, onion…) and put it in the blender. Sauce/Soup Happened. I then proceeded to cook it on the stove for a time alongside all the spices that I find appealing.

Concurrently, I chopped a bit of onion instead of blending it and some sausages. This, I left as chunks, and cooked it in another pan.

When the rice was done, I planned on mixing everything, or putting the sausage as a topping. Instead, something unexpected happened.

I started mixing half/some of the rice with the vegetable sauce/paste/mix. Then I had to leave.

There was an impromptu shopping trip.

Leaving behind an uncertain future for the half mixed rice, I left it behind, not even glancing back at the ruckus I had inevitably left behind (all the food was properly covered and safe from creepy crawlies).

Upon my return, perhaps even hours later (I have since lost count), I approached my concoction.

Alas, I was lazy overtired, and could not bring myself to complete such a simple task as mixing it with the rest of the rice. Instead, in an act of rebellion, I decided to mix the rest of the rice with the sausages and onion, then layer it over the rice/vegetable mix in a baking tray.

Then, I sprinkled a desired amount of cheese, depending on factors such as taste, lactose tolerance, health, cheese type and fervent love for cheese. This delicate balance is, for some, quite a struggle. AFizzle is familiar with this struggle and may be able to provide you with moral support at such a time*.

Then I baked it. Until the cheese melted. I forgot to take pictures until I was more than halfway through the process of consumption:


For advanced taste buds information, the benefit of this arrangement is that the yummy rice/vegetable mix still provides a nice strong flavor while being pleasantly cut by the rest of the rice that is only mildly flavored (with the delicious sausages/onion mix). And of course, delicious sausage is delicious. And cheese needs no explanation.

*Disclaimer: This opinion presented in this Blog is simply a satirical opinion, and AFizzle is in no way contractually or otherwise obliged to provide moral support to any readers upon demand in regards to any kind of cheese dilemma.

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