Avocado Chocolate Mousse

I hear Canada is full of mousse. Sounds like a cool place.

I like moose very much but I also can’t really eat much cream. Moose don’t eat cream either. However this isn’t a problem for moose, but I on the other hand needed to find cream alternatives.

While I’ve been obstructed by certain prejudices in the past, I’ve had to overcome these…you see, I used to think like Ori.


Poor Ori. With regards to lettuce, I have to agree with the sentiment, however it is evident that he has never experienced an avocado.

An avocado is your friend. The kind of friend that says hey, you’re not crazy. That has nothing to do with food but don’t we all need that kind of friend?

This kind of friend also acts as a cream substitute. Allowing the production and consumption of chocolate mousse.

Now chocolate mousse is the ideal dessert for the moment of mixed feelings. Allow me to explain: Mixed feelings mean one is very happy because one likes watching South Africa win, and win well, however one also likes New Zealand and does not like to see New Zealand lose badly. And I mean badly. As in 3.1 overs in, behind by 393 runs, and 4 wickets down. Now one especially likes brilliant bowling so again, reasons to be happy. But also, this whole domino collapse thing can only be relished as opposed to pitied when the victims play for countries one has particular biases against. New Zealand does not fall into this categoy. New Zealand is nice. But deeper loyalties do lie with wherever Amla is. This is what mixed feelings mean.

And so enters chocolate mousse.

Tis a simple process

  • Empty 2 avocados of their avocado content into a blender
  • You can use cocoa powder but chocolate would be nicest: 50-80 g baking chocolate depending on cocoa content
  • Some vanilla and salt
  • About 1/2 cup sugar. Coconut or otherwise.
  • And 1/4 cup of milk.

This produced lovely creamy chocolate mousse which even Brother approved of. Not sure what the ‘even’ means. I think I was just a little skeptical about this particular production.

The best part about this is that unlike regular mousse, it doesn’t require fridge time to become properly creamy. Just eat it. Make it. And eat it.

Here it is again:


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