Cookie Tart Trials

I asked brother for interesting cookie suggestions, and much to my surprise, he had a suggestion!

Although this didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Fortunately it was a technical flaw as opposed to a taste concern, so it was still gobbled at a reasonably rapid rate.

The photo is also quite misleading. This was before I attempted to remove it from its baking position. The jam and cookie did not slide off at quite the same efficiency. Also I underbaked, but the wonderful thing about flourless food is that my stomach never complains.

There is however, a much graver problem that sets the scene for the need for cookies. Neither of our cricket channels are showing either of the matches I’m supposed to be watching. Not cool.

The emotions are building up and are likely to cascade in the form of chocolatey wonders. Stand by for chocolatey wonders.

For now I can handle it. I’ve had to resort to other methods of course, South Africa is playing too wonderfully for me to stay far for long and I’ve already missed much of this wonderfulness. But our dessert remains cocoa free so it seems I’m still ok.

This was basically the Almond Cookie recipe but with slightly different proportions, found on The Lucky Penny.

  • About ¾ cup almonds in a grinder with around ½ cup of coconut sugar. Normal sugar works just as well I believe, but doesn’t taste quite as good.
  • Mix in an egg white (plus about a tsp of the yolk…I don’t know why but I did it anyway)
A lone egg yolk. Awaiting the next scrambled egg calling.
  • Add ½ tsp vanilla and salt
  • And have your jam ready for jamming.

On the baking tray I flattened them like this and added jam.

Make sure you wet your hands first to save yourself some trouble; licking fingers is easy enough but palms can take more effort and make you look funny.

I think my indent was a bit too deep because many of my jam centers lost their cookie base. It might be worth baking it for 5 mins before adding the jam. I also attempted cookie sandwiches, which actually worked a bit better:


Anyway, if it turns into cookie pudding instead, you can still count on a Fizzle to eat it.

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