(Accidental) Extra Chewy Brownies

Barely 2 months of blogging and we’re on brownie post #3. Look at us. So much brown-ness.

These actually got particularly brown. Teensy bit overdone, which is a brownie mistake I have not made in a long long time due to my immense brownie experience. However, my serious baking breakthrough with these cookies inspired me to re-evaluate my brownie approach in kind. Hence my inaccurate oven timings.

So I browsed for exciting recipes and found something I thought I could work with. The problem is, I can’t find it anymore which is really confusing me because I still have my complete list of ingredients to try and search with and now I’m wondering if I imagined the whole thing or made brownies out of some other random recipe by accident (It is possible…) So unfortunately, for the moment, I cannot share with you the source of this brilliance.



I’ve spent another chunk of overs (Pakistan’s playing England) still looking for the original and I actually did use a cookie recipe. I was going to rewrite this whole thing but instead I’ll let you all enjoy my rare moment of incompetence.

The important thing is, this cookie recipe on Chelsea’s Messy Apron made some really good brownies.

  • I used an almond-hazelnut fusion to make some kind of nut butter in the grinder. 1 cup of nut butter using the nut of your choice will do (I think).
  • This was my first time using coconut sugar, and since ours come in these circular chunks:


  • I had to guesstimate 2/3 cup coconut sugar. Also, I wanted it to break down a bit so I put it in the grinder – already present due to our nut situation – and I very unexpectedly made coconut sugar butter! It looked like caramel – and tasted almost as good.


  • From here you just mix everything together: Adding 1 tsp vanilla, 4 tbs cocoa powder, salt, 1 tsp baking soda, 1 egg and chocolate chunks if you feel the chocolate calling to you.
  • Now apparently at this point you can make cookies. Or, you can follow in my grand footsteps and stick it all in one oven dish for some very chewy brownies.
  • 15 mins at 180 was a bit too long, so I’d start checking it from 10 mins onwards. It rises a bit – in a way I’m not used to for brownies, and also it needs some time to settle right out of the oven (suspiciously like a cookie) so don’t be too quick to put it back to keep baking.

These brownies are appropriate for a variety of situations.

  • The ‘Father needs a sweet but not health destroying snack after dinner’ situation
  • The ‘I want to eat dessert as a meal without feeling guilty’ situation
  • And even the ‘Pakistan just became the #1 Test side for the first time ever’ situation

The last one is my favourite. Though the first two are far more frequent.

11 thoughts on “(Accidental) Extra Chewy Brownies

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    1. Mama Fizzle says it’s the same but jaggery is actually from sugarcane and date trees. We’re not all as fancy-pants as you :p Also I’ve no idea which is healthier.

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  1. Jaggery is according to a dictionary “a coarse dark brown sugar made in India by evaporation of the sap of palm trees.”
    But the same is made in Srilanka, Malaysia and indonesia. The Singaporeans call it gula melaka. They all make it from the same source- the palm tree. And a healthier form of sweetening than sugar as you already know.


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