Almond Cupcakes

I have made these so many times now. Since we avoid wheat as much as possible,  I haven’t made a nice plain sponge cake for way too long. Here is the solution to the problem. We’ve had it on it’s own,  we’ve had it with custard and strawberries* and we’ve had it in some sort of Eton Mess. It was all lovely but it was best on it’s own, hot out of the oven. It’s also stays really moist for a few days kept in an airtight box.

The recipe is adapted from Home Bake by Eric Lanlard. No changes really, apart from a great reduction of sugar as expected.

Beat 4 large eggs (room temperature) with 140g golden caster sugar until very frothy and doubled in size.

Whisk in 100g melted butter (I like to melt it till it’s beurre noisette) and then whisk in 200g ground almonds. If your butter is not salted I would suggest adding a pinch of salt. Then get it into your preferred buttered utensil ASAP and cook at 180°C (fan oven 160°C) until it’s brown on top and starting to pull away from the sides a tiny bit. Maybe 20 mins.

Et voilà ! Too easy.

*BFizzle,  you’re missing out on some very summery strawberries.

Note: This cake may also have extraordinary powers of healing sisterly wounds. It may also be good accompanient to a bit of cricket.

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  1. Yo. Stop speachin’ all fancy-like. Eton mess sounds like a British school gone wrong, and Beurre Noisette sounds…fancy-pants

    I want those cupcakes, though

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