Potato Mice

Here we have a mouse.  Not any kind of mouse,  a jacket potato mouse inspired by a recipe in an Annabel Karmel cookbook.

We roasted some potatoes after generously painting the potato with olive oil-there were some very enthusiastic painters. We could have used our hands I guess, but we have a pink food brush which obviously had to be used.

Then when they were cooked, I cut the tops of and sprinkled a generous amount of cheese and put them back in the oven to melt it into cheesy goodness. But as we ate them we realised too late that it was not generous enough. No matter though, the fact that the potatoes became mice was almost exciting enough to make up for it.

The original recipe required me to scoop out the potato and mix it with some cream and cheese I think. But we had some seriously hungry people waiting,  so I skipped the step.  I’m sure it would have been even yummier with  all that in.

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