Cheesy Baked Spinach

I decided to conduct my very own health check today, and I diagnosed myself with a cheese deficiency. I had to act quickly to prevent serious health risks.

I found this on Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice, and swiftly sought to correct my nutrition imbalance. If you ever find yourself in my situation, follow these instructions:

  • Without panicking, chop an onion, a capsicum, some garlic, and spinach ends and cook them on the stove.
  • Add spinach leaves, ½ cup of yohugrt, as much cream cheese as you have, and some other cheese. I used ½ cup of edam cheese.
  • Put this in an oven-friendly dish and proceed to create a full cheese layer as a topping. On reflection, I think I could have put less edam cheese in it, and more on it.
  • Let this bake for 10-15 minutes. I like to wait for my cheese to be nice and brown, like me.
  • While waiting for your meal, reflect upon the previous day’s entertaining cricket. Once you are more than very very happy about Pakistan’s win, find your oven and check on your spinach. Once it’s done, eat it. Try not to burn your tongue though.

SFizzle was lecturing me on the importance of the food photo, so I took many beautiful photos to choose from and then decided you guys can view them all:

Cheesy Baked Spinach - Full
Cheesy Spinach in all its Glory
Cheesy Baked Spinach - A
The Flattering Side-Angle
Cheesy Baked Spinach - B
A Cheesy Horizon
Cheesy Baked Spinach - Slice
The First of Many Many Servings

Now as happy as I am about yesterday’s cricket, they played so well that they won early and deprived me of a whole day’s cricket. So it is very possible I will have to find something else to blog about today while I’m not watching cricket. I’ll keep you guys posted.*





*Get it. Posted… 😂

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