Hazelnut Cookies and a Double Century

So 200 runs later, you could say things are going pretty well. 😄

Before I go into the details about just how fantabulous this match has been, let’s talk about food.

No proper recipe for you guys today, just sharing a pickle I found myself in.

Yesterday I tried to make myself some good ol’ nutella. Now I could go into great detail documenting my tumultuous history with nutella, but I’ll save that for the day when I actually manage to get it right.

My main problem was with the nut part of the equation. While we did in fact possess hazelnuts, they were almost 2 months past the best before date… They seemed ok, and I wanted my nutella so I trimmed those nuts down to what seemed not foolish to consume and roasted and blended ’em for what turned out to be quite a gorgeous hazelnut paste. A little bit of coconut oil and cocoa powder and it looked like nutella. I then made the mistake of using honey instead of sugar. Not a great idea. Either way though, it seemed apparent at that point that the too-old-hazelnuts maybe weren’t going to taste wonderful in their roasted paste-y form regardless.

And so in a desperate attempt to not waste an entire cup of pretend nutella, I did what any reasonable person would do:

I made cookies.

At a 1:1 ratio with plain flour, an egg, vanilla and of course, half a cup of sugar to the rescue, my nutty situation was resolved.

More importantly though, this cookie production was concurrent with some stubborn tail-enders, a double century reached with a 6, and England dropping their 15th catch of the series.

It’s been a good day in the Fizzle HQ.



Question: Am I going to have to start explaining cricket terminology on here? I’m starting to realise just how weird it can be if you don’t understand…

6 thoughts on “Hazelnut Cookies and a Double Century

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  1. …was that an exaggeration, it did they really drop 15 catches? Also, are you saying you used nuts that had gone bad in the cookies and everything is OK?

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  2. In my estimation AFizzle has gone nuts. I am not surprised Nutella has that effect and many other if I recall right. But looking at the bright side of things, thanks to good cricket results it was happy nutty!


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