Yoghurty-Cumin Baked Potato

Probably the first of many baked potato variations to enter our blog. This particular version had the good fortune to witness a rather entertaining session of Pakistan batting and England dropping catches (three and counting).

This was a bit of an improvised spin on SFizzles classic cumin-baked-potato recipe. I decided it needed a topping. Also some capsicum. Because why not?

  • So prep a little bit of coconut oil with 1 tsp of cumin seeds, another tsp of ground cumin and of course, salt and pepper
  • And toss it with chopped aloo and capsicum and any other veggies you feel like baking.
  • Put it in something oven-friendly
  • Now blend an onion and a tomato
  • Mix in 1 tsp olive oil, more cumin, salt, garlic (paste) and 2/3 tbs yoghurt.
  • Top your aloo with your blended goodness and proceed to bake for 30-40 mins (at 180) depending on your oven situation.

This was super easy and actually quite delicious. But especially so when a nightwatchman decides to stick around for longer than usual and even gets dropped in the slips by a particularly annoying sledger. 😁

But of course if the rest of the day goes badly, you can expect something chocolatey from me tomorrow.



Note: Aloo = Potatoes

4 thoughts on “Yoghurty-Cumin Baked Potato

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  1. Sister, I have something important to tell you. Yesterday, I found out something: I like capsicum. Sometimes. I was confused until I looked it up. The red ones are sweeter and riper!!! 😱 Did you know this???


  2. Also, I want to try this right now, but no aloo😔 (you should probably put a little note somewhere that they are potatos)


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