Steamed Garlic Paste

Hello, Garlic fans. It’s me again. Ok, so I know it’s only barely been a couple of weeks since my Roasted Garlic Paste Post but I found something new…something easier, something simpler, something…that tastes pretty much the same, but takes less than half the effort. I like reducing effort when making things, don’t you?

It’s still multi purpose (as in can be used as a dip, sauce, spice, etc.), healthy, avoids that pesky garlic smell for your hands and breath, and of course, delicious.

First of all:

All Hail the Rice Cooker.

Did you know it steams thing? And makes rice at the same time! Or you can even steam something without making rice! Or you can make rice without steaming anything! But the point is:

All Hail the Rice Cooker.

So all that wasteful Aluminium foil practice? Gone. This method also allows for you to steam some vegetables at the same time. And I do love the combination of steamed vegetables with salted Garlic Paste, so it worked out well for me. And also, anyone (pretty much everyone from the Asian continent) who cooks rice in a rice cooker regularly can just throw this on the steamer anytime. Minimum extra effort.

  1. Cut the Garlic in half, like you would for Roasted Garlic Paste (This is Important, or you will end up with a squishy whole garlic bulb with nowhere for the poor garlic to squish out of)
  2. Then put it into the steamer in the rice cooker and set to cook. If you do it right, watch how the garlic just falls right out of the garlic bulb:


  1. When it’s done, all you have to do it squish all garlic out, mix like for the roasted Garlic Paste, and add salt according to taste.


Look! The sides aren’t even touching the garlic peel…It’s so easy to squish out or scoop out with a spoon…

Easy as pie. No- it really wasn’t that hard, it was a piece of cake. No, I mean it was…as easy as cutting a Garlic in half and putting it into a steamer, then taking the garlic out to mix it with salt. There.

I honestly don’t know how long it’ll keep in the fridge because it hasn’t lasted that long yet. I eat it all up pretty quickly…*shifty eyes*

Extra tip. You can always add a bit of butter to the paste for even more extra yum. Not the healthiest option, but it’s always nice to be aware of these things…

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