Capsicum Masala

That’s c-a-p-s-i-c-u-m. Capsicum. For anyone who’s interested to know why it’s NOT a pepper, please refer to the comment section of ShFizzle’s beautiful Tuna Salad.

I wanted to eat capsicum today and I realised if I let myself also use spinach, as I so wished, I would wind up with exactly the same thing I’ve made before no matter what recipe I attempted to follow. So I proceeded to try and google my troubles away.

I discovered this on Spice Up The Curry and it provides excellent step by step photo instructions which will probably contain less tangents than mine, so maybe go there if you want to be more efficient.

Firstly, find some kaju nuts. I found mine in the nut cupboard. Now roast 2 tbs of kaju. Like this:

Capsicum Masala - Kaju

Let it cool post-roasting and then put it in a blender. This part is quite beautiful. You’re not going to be expecting this so brace yourself, the nuts…become powder.

Capsicum Masala - Kaju Powder

Now that you’re as excited as I am, go find tomatoes, onions, some garlic cloves and a ginger glob (ShFizzle feel free to add your chillies here.)

Capsicum Masala - Veggies

Empty the blender of its nut contents (preferably in a bowl of some sort) and BIT BY BIT blend the other things. Remember, the blender is your friend, and just as you would never put too many tomatoes/onions/garlic/ginger in your friend at once, don’t do it to the blender. Soon you will be presented with this:

Capsicum Masala - Tomato Blend

Now, find the capsicum. Now SFizzle I too was astonished by your mammoth apples, but nothing prepared me for this:

Capsicum Masala - Huge Capsicum

And this is with a regular sized capsicum:

Capsicum Masala - Huge Capsicum II

I very quickly became attached to this pariah of capsicums but I chopped it up anyway. I very quickly became unattached. Now cook it:

Capsicum Masala - Chopped Capsicum

And put it aside.

Now fry some cloves, cumin seeds and a bay leaf. I couldn’t find any bay leaves, but I imagine it would make it even nicer. Then add the blended tomato stuff.

Capsicum Masala - Cook

Let it cook…then add some water…and let it cook…also, salt and garam masala and anything else you like. More cumin…coriander powder…aanything.

When you think it’s ready, bring out the nut powder:

Capsicum Masala - Cook II

And mix in the capsicum too. Add water or don’t. Depends how much of a gravy you want it to be.

It tasted very much of capsicum so make sure you like capsicum before you try this. Papa Fizzle ate it without commenting which meant it passed.

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