Tuna salad

Following the advice of SFizzle,  here is a salad that can really have anything and tuna in it.

The one we made had tuna,  lots of sweetcorn (very popular around here), tomatoes,  cucumber, lettuce,  olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt,  pepper and smoked paprika.

For more adventurous palates,  I add very finely chopped onions,  lentils, chives or even red rice.

If using onion, squeeze some lemon or vinegar over the chopped onion to lightly cook it before adding it into the salad.

One could add diced (cooked)  potato, dice peppers, diced celery,  or you could make it a chicken salad and replace the tuna with some shredded chicken breast.

Warning: if you think you can trick anyone by sneaking the tiniest pieces of disliked food into the salad, think again. It will be carefully picked out and left on the side.


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  1. mamafizzle says:

    in my experience some of you ate up the disliked food on more occasions than carefully picking out and leaving it aside. Except perhaps bfizzle, it was a mammoth task to try and get past his feelers!

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    1. shfizzle says:

      Yes, it also depends on how hungry one is! Then in the hurry to eat, they forget to inspect 😁


    2. SFizzle says:

      MamaFizzle! You have made your presence known!


  2. mamafizzle says:

    okees, SFizzle I am going incognito from now on…..


  3. AFizzle says:



    1. AFizzle says:

      “Bell pepper (also known as sweet pepper or a pepper in the United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland, and a capsicum in Australia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Singapore and New Zealand)” See Wikipedia even singled out Singapore for you.


    2. AFizzle says:

      “The misleading name “pepper” was given by Christopher Columbus upon bringing the plant back to Europe. At that time, peppercorns, the vegetable of an unrelated plant originating from India, Piper nigrum, was a highly prized condiment; the name “pepper” was at that time applied in Europe to all known spices with a hot and pungent taste and so naturally extended to the newly discovered Capsicum genus.” Don’t listen to Colombus. He was easily confused and also not very nice.


  4. A very traditional picnic salad in most european contries – the beauty here is, that one really can add just anything to it – I love it! 🙂 It is soooo versatile and btw, without capsicum? NO WAY!!!!:) 🙂 🙂

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