Minced Beef Fried Rice

Let me pass on my wisdomy wisdom to all of you. Remember to do as I say:

Cook some Rice in the rice cooker. Or use leftover rice. Whichever you want. And put it in a big bowl.

So there’s Minced Beef. Here:


You put what you want in it. I put some salt, some vinegar, and just for fun, to see what would happen I also put some chili sauce and Mustard sauce. Nothing really happened, but it was good so…

Then you fry it. Like it was mean to you. You can even glare at it but don’t lose your cool. Remember, it is being cooked and you are in control.


Put that in a the big rice bowl. If you are still angry, chop up some onions and some capsicum and some lettuce and some Garlic. That’s what I did but basically, you chop up whatever vegetables you want.

Then you show ’em who’s boss:


You can put that in the bowl too. Then go crazy with the eggs:



What has been scrambled will never unscramble. In this case, I mean. My brain is totally a different story.

Anyway, everything including the rice goes into a bowl with Fish sauce, Soy Sauce and Vinegar, or anything else according to what you like.

Then you mix it together the way you li- no wait, you mix it all together like a decent human being, with restraint and caution and care.

I know they say fried rice needs to be fried, but this is a false claim. It is a lie meant to confuse the masses and cause panic and discord among the commoners of this world. Anyway, you just have to mix it with fried things.

Remember for this ‘recipe’, it’s not about what needs to be in it, it’s about what you want to put in it.

Heed my words of wisdom and make food and eat!

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