Strawberry-Banana Smoothie

This is a Fizzle classic. Kind of.

Strawberry-Banana drinks have been an occasional indulgence for as long as I can remember, courtesy of Mama Fizzle. And Banana-Yoghurt smoothies have been a regular in the Fizzle house ever since we designed it to suit the needs of Izzlet#1 back in May. In fact, it was an integral component of suhur this Ramadan.

So this is me combining two favourites in my latest version of Breakfast:

You will need:

  • Dates. Pitted and chopped. The quantity depends mostly on the type of date (so how sweet it is). And there’s personal preference as well as how sweet the bananas/strawberries you have are. For this recipe I’ve used 6 dates.
  • Bananas. You can use very ripe ones or you can slice them and freeze them before use. I’ve recently discovered I prefer the latter. I especially like to let some of it not get blended very well so you can have tiny frozen banana lumps. I use 2 bananas.
  • Strawberries. I haven’t actually done this with non-frozen strawberries but like with the bananas, I quite like the unbuzzed pieces. Of course if you blend it properly it doesn’t have to be piece-y. For 2 bananas, I use 2 strawberries.
  • Best to blend all of this first until it’s as smooth or chunky as you want the fruits to be. Once you add the yoghurt it takes a lot longer to get rid of fruit chunks.
  • Lastly I add 2 heaped tbs of Yoghurt. I like it very thick so this can definitely be adjusted to preference as well. Blend that in and voilà. Smoothie.

Now the only thing stopping this from being a proper Lassi is a pinch of salt and some ground cardamom. Mostly because I am too lazy to ground a cardamom. And as a general rule I tend to forget salt in anything non-savoury. If anyone tries the cardamom though let me know if it’s worth the effort.

Now look at our beautiful blender.

Strawberry-Banana Smoothie Blender

Preethi. Indias #1 Mixer-Grinder brand. 😉  At least that’s what it says on the box.

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