Chocolate Pudding and Cricket

My automatic reaction to chocolate cravings is usually brownies. But today I had a cricket match to watch and not much time to spare so I required something with a little less effort.

Ergo pudding.

That said, I ended up starting late anyway and had to alternate between whisking and watching but it was fine because the stove did most of the work for me and I didn’t miss any wickets, which would have been extremely unfortunate. Extremely. Only SFizzle understands just how extreme I mean when I say extremely.

So anyway I skimmed some random recipes online and came up with this combination of ingredients:

  • 1 cup milk with about 4 tbs honey (you can add this later instead and do it to taste. I decided to wing it.)
  • Mix 1/3 cup cocoa with 1 tbs cornstarch
  • Whisk it all over the stove
  • Add 1 cap vanilla at some point. Most recipes say to do this post-stove and I don’t know why (yet) but maybe listen to the internet.

I’m generally really bad at making this kind of thing because I never know how thick to let it get. It’s partially preference but still, there is such a thing as too thick when you really overdo it. In my experience it happens over a split second where first it seemed almost right and then suddenly the whole thing is a lump.

I guess I could have timed myself but I didn’t think that far ahead. I do know however that it was on the stove for exactly 3.5 overs. That’s fast bowling, no spinners. SFizzle can you do the maths please.

Also bananas + chocolate generally make for a cheerful combination.

And (Happy) Cricket + Chocolate = A very very content AFizzle

Also in the event of sad cricket, chocolate has been known to avert or moderate extreme emotional responses. This hasn’t been necessary yet though because England are currently 3 down and I am enjoying it very very much. And the lunch break is about to be over so bye* now.

*cricket pun. I’m so funny.

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