Spinachified Capsicum

Hey Fizzly friends, sup.

You know what we all share (besides being overall pretty awesome)? No? Tis our mutual love for spinach of which I speak. What we don’t all share however is my high regard for capsicum. SFizzle and Brother, together you have been deprived of this but you are both forgiven on account of your aforementioned brilliance.

Anyway today I needed a solution to yesterday’s potato problem, so I requested ShFizzle’s capsicum pesto recipe. These were my instructions:

WhatsApp Capsicum I

WhatsApp Capsicum II

And this is what I ended up doing:

  • I put 1 ½ tomatoes in a blender. The extra half was a result of identifying a lone dying tomato in the fridge. Half of it was already dead.
  • I put a bunch of spinach stalks in with the tomatoes for diversity.
  • Unfortunately the capsicum that joined them in the blender was as green as the spinach and so diversity points were deducted.
  • I found a chunk of coriander in the freezer because that’s where coriander naturally grows.
  • I was too lazy to cut garlic so I used garlic-ginger paste
  • Salt and pepper which I really don’t need to explain
  • Vinegar because sister said so
  • And it all bzzed into glorious green goo*
  • Our oven isn’t the best roaster so I cooked 2 capsicums, a carrot and many spinach leaves in a pan.
  • Then I mixed it all together and left it to de-water. I mean boil.

I also cooked some mushrooms in case it all ended up tasting awful. It turned out wonderful but the mushrooms were appreciated regardless.

So there you have it. Tis a universal truth that everything is better with a spinach upgrade.



*Extra points for alliteration


UPDATE: My latest version is much prettier.

Updated Spinachified Capsicum

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