Mashed Potato n Carrots

BROTHER come back soon please.

Ok guys, life update > recipe today.

First of all, does this even look like mashed potato?

Alright I googled it and the answer is no. Which makes sense because it didn’t feel very mashed. This is actually the third time I’ve tried this and it only worked the first time. In fact, this happened just last week:

WhatsApp Aloo

Today was less soupy and more mashed but still kind of disappointing. Why did it work the first time you ask, well, that would be because I wasn’t the one doing the mashing. Brother spent so long meticulously squishing the potato and I thought he was being his usual odd self when in fact it seems his aloo skills are unmatched. At least by me.

Also, I’m currently in the process of formalising my relationship status with carrots. I used to think I didn’t like them at all, then SFizzle made a rather nice carrot dish making me question many things in life, and so I decided maybe I do like them, and last week I was pretty sure I did like them, and right now I am in a position of uncertainty.

I learned two things about carrots today:

  1. Carrots are wonderfully easy to mash. I had no idea.
  2. Carrots are sweet. Nobody told me this.

And so my mashed potato and carrot meal turned out kind of sweet. Which I was not expecting.

On the bright side I was only cooking for myself since the Parents are currently gallivanting in Jakarta. I took the opportunity to clean the pantry…this happened:

Pantry Contents
Subtle Mustafa Ad

But I fixed it and all is well. Except the aloo. I’ll try and fix that tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “Mashed Potato n Carrots

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  1. Is there butter in the potato? Butter makes it all extra yummy. However mashed or unmashed it is. Have you ever tried a pau baji recipe? I think you might like it. In any case, your fixing skills are very impressive mashaaAllah. As are your publicity skills😬


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