Roasted Garlic Paste

Heeey people.

Who here are huuuuge garlic fans? I know I’m a huuuuge garlic fan. And by that I mean I love garlic a huuuuge amount, not that I, as a person, am huuuuge.

EDIT: I have since discovered an easier alternative to this recipe! Maybe doesn’t have quite the same roasted feel/taste to it, but still almost identical and still as yummy and deliciously garlic-y as anything, but sooo much easier. Steamed Garlic Paste.

The problem is, healthy siblings, that I just hate cutting fresh garlic. It makes my hands smell of garlic for a couple of days. And shop garlic paste is just soooooo convenient. But apparently not very healthy.

This makes me very sad.

So I thought. And I googled. And I googled some more. And I found that the internet kinda already had a solution!

Roasted garlic paste! Garlic! That you roast yourself! And by that I mean at home- DIY style, not that one necessarily has to be by themselves. Or that one cooks oneself. Or that one insults themselves. Or that one should start insulting the garlic.

Now that we’ve got that cleared up. I’ll tell you the pros and cons of this technique (in my humble but also Very Very Important opinion)


-Requires aluminum foil (Have not found an alternative to this wasteful practice that gives the same results, if anyone knows and wishes to share their wisdom, please, please do)

-Either a bit wasteful, or requires a bit of patience to get all the garlic out from the top of the garlic head)

-The whole house will smell of roasted garlic


-The whole house will smell of roasted garlic

-So SO SOOOO Delicious. The Most Delicious of all the Delicious Deliciousnesses (If you like garlic even a little)

-Your hands smell very yummy after handling the roasted garlic, but only until you wash it.

-You really cannot make too much. You can have it on bread, as a dip, as a side to a meal, a spice in a recipe, and probably many other ways I haven’t even thought of.

Too many of the recipes for roasted garlic i saw required throwing away the top section of the garlic! Precious, precious food! Wasted! Abandoned! Discarded! This business of throwing away perfectly good food is unacceptable. So I found a recipe (from Laura Vitale) that called for cutting the head of garlic in half and cleaning out both ends. This requires a bit more effort, especially if you’re making quite a bit, because the garlic connected to the top of the garlic doesn’t just slide right out like the garlic in the bottom bit… you might even have to squish it out.

Basically, you cut a garlic in half like this:


sprinkle some salt and olive oil, then close it back up and wrap in the foil like this:


Put it into the big box that magically transforms things and makes them taste good. It should have controls that say 190C for about 50 mins. I don’t know why the magic box asks these strange things of you.

Then later, when you open it out, you’ll see this:



Scoop/squish out the garlic into a bowl as required, then squish it all so it becomes a paste. Taste and adjust for salt:


And then later, you’ll see this: 


Ps. My spell check kept correcting roasted garlic to rotated garlic. What is this strange concoction? Do people eat this?? Tell me. I want to know.

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