Yummy Chicken

The parents are supposed to be ready to go out in 5 (Sri Lankan) minutes which means I have plenty of time to write a new post.

This is what happened: I wanted to cook chicken. I didn’t want a recipe. I couldn’t taste it while cooking. I still didn’t want a recipe. So I just cooked chicken. Somehow.

There was a lot of optimism involved in the making of this meal.

I also didn’t write down what I was doing while I was doing it so this is really just me sharing a picture of what I cooked attached to a fuzzy description of what I did. Just because.

Now I understand that there’s this whole marinade concept with meat so I put the chicken in a yoghurtcuminlemon mix for as long as it took me to make the other stuff…so maybe an hour at best. Yes I realize that doesn’t really count as marinating. But hey it’s the intention that counts.

Then I put spinach ends in a grinder with a carrot and onions and tomatoes. Not all at the same time because it’s a small grinder and the last time someone (SFizzle) overestimated its capacity there was a minor kitchen disaster. (I’ll let her share the photos) Then I put it all on a pan with some ghee and some more onions (not squished) and some garlic and I let it do its thing.

After an embarrassingly long while I remembered I should add spices. So I put garlic-ginger paste and ground coriander and I feel like there was more but I really can’t remember.

Salt, I did put salt. And this much garam masala:

Garam Masala

Most of it was an accident.

And then I added the chicken and spinach leaves. I’ve realized I really like spinach leaves so there’s no point in bzzing* them.

My feedback: Grandmother thought it was good for a beginner but too much lemon. Mama Fizzle asked if there was chilli before eating it. Papa Fizzle ate it and I never really know what that means.

I of course thought it was delicious and felt quite brilliant.


*the squidging process that takes place in a grinder

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  1. You’re always brilliant, AFizzle. Also, unfortunately, due to some mysterious phone mishap, I no longer possess any evidence of the alleged kitchen disaster…

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