So I was goooing to go poke around and do stuff around the house and kitchen. But it was morning and niiiiice and cooool (Ok, so it was a bit cold for me) so I figured I will allocate this time for a session with my Cloud Blanket and my laptop, like the lazy super-smart person I am, so here I am, my dear Fizzles.

Mehehe. Free and abundant and effective Aircon. I’ll probably get sick from the sudden temperature difference, but if I do, I’ll get sick happily, and in my Cloud Blanket*, which I am currently wrapped in. Look at my previously liquid coconut oil turning solid:

Coconut Oil.jpg

I think the new Mr. Kizzle was a little confused about why I was gleefully sending pictures of a random bottle of oil to express my happiness to AFizzle…but he knows I like the weather, so it’s all good.

No food to blog about today except an egg. A nice egg, but an egg nonetheless. I won’t bore anyone with the details. I just wished to officially update you Fizzles on my current state of being.

PS: If anyone has any tips about being a responsible Adult, please let me know. I am getting confused by the washing machine. I have also yet to master the awesome looking electric stove. So the egg was actually a bit confusing to make…

*This is my soft and fluffy blanket, clearly made of clouds.

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  1. AFizzle says:

    Coconut Oil = 🙂

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  2. shfizzle says:

    We’re just about to have boiled egg with mayonnaise 😬😬

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    1. shfizzle says:

      Actually that would be eggS


  3. mbfizzle says:


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