Cookies n Cream Ice Cream

Warning: This recipe does not contain oats and is not in any way healthy.

Someone kindly gifted us some oreos yesterday.

None of us eat oreos. And while we used to consume oreos extensively through cheesecake production, we actually stopped buying cream cheese a while ago and don’t really make elaborate and unhealthy desserts anymore.

However I decided that instead of adding to our unnecessary and often ignored stack of assorted biscuits, I should find something to blog about. Even if it doesn’t fit our health requirements.

Brother Fizzle came in surprisingly useful here with what was actually a very good food suggestion. That’s not to say he doesn’t usually have very good food suggestions. It’s just that he doesn’t usually have food suggestions.

Anyway, we’ve had a small packet of whipping cream in the fridge for at least a month. Everyone seems to have been pretending it wasn’t there which is not at all unusual in this house.

Also, there was an opened can of condensed milk in the fridge.

So many coincidences! Something had to be done.

  • I beat all the whipping cream (250 ml)

Whipped Cream

  • And used the fraction of condensed milk left in the can (less than ¼ I think)
  • Mixed in 2 caps of vanilla extract
  • Then folded the condensed milk into the freshly-whipped cream
  • And added the crushed oreos that first put us in this predicament.

Oreo Ice Cream Mix

It’s now sitting in the freezer (don’t ask me how I fit it in there. There’s enough frozen mutton curry and brinjal and naan and random gravies and uppuma to feed many many Sri Lankans)

I’ve never made ice cream before so I have no idea how this will be. My ice cream expert has recently abandoned me to a potentially lengthy period of time living with parent Fizzles so I imagine I’m going to be needing a lot of comfort foods in the near future. I shall add ice cream to the list of options if this turns out well.

* 4.5 hours later *

It turned out well! More than well actually, it’s exactly like ice cream which is very confusing to me because then what’s the point of ice cream makers? Ice cream expert please explain –

In the end the oreos were much appreciated. And they are intended to serve as an accompaniment to some friendly lightsaber duels between Brother and I.

On that note, I shall leave you all to your less violent pursuits.

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