This Oat Craze

I feel directly responsible for causing the creation of an oat pide. I think the oatiness has gone out of hand. I apologise for starting it all.

In order to contribute though,  here is our go-to oat breakfast. The recipe is flexible,  depending on one’s mood  and availability of ingredients. I find that I am (shockingly)  veering towards Mama Fizzle tendencies of not measuring!

These are oat pancakes,  with a bit of white flour to help with the texture and taste. They are great freshly made but can also be used to feed Izzlets in need of a snack,  or for a dinner of mini pizzas after a game of balloon sword fighting (we can’t all have light sabers in the house). Anyway,  balloons are much safer.

You will need:

1 and a half cups of oats, preferably not the chunky ones

a tablespoon of barley flour or another wholemeal flour

a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or any other vinegar

2 eggs

some white flour

half a teaspoon baking powder

some milk

Soak the oats overnight with the barley flour and vinegar mixed in,  and just enough  water to keep it all moist. Perhaps not as long as overnight if you are very close to the equator.

Add in the 2 eggs and a pinch  of salt,  mix well.

Add the flour. I would say about quarter to half a cup. Here’s to help you decide how much.


Add a few tablespoons of milk, the consistency should be fairly thick liquid.

Then you cook them,  a few minutes on either side.  They cook beautifully on a cast iron pan on low heat.


Then you eat them with butter and any other topping of your choice.  We recently found Scottish bramble jam, very yummy.

To make the mini pizzas,  spread a bit of ketchup,  sprinkle some cheese on top and put it under a hot grill for 3 mins. Et voilà ! No-knead oat pizza dough.


Not sure it would have been sufficient to feed your fleet though. The Izzlets finished them before my hands were clean enough to take a picture of the melted cheese. Hungrier than Fizzles! Perhaps not hungrier than a very hungry BFizzle though. But more hungry than a newly married Fizzle.

I wonder if we should have a HungryFizzle Hunger Level Indicator.

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