Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

So we ran out of eggs.

We had almost 30 the morning before Eid and by Eid we had none. Mama Fizzle couldn’t make watalappan (I had to google that. Been saying that word my whole life and for the first time ever I know how to spell it) and she was quite appalled at the thought of a celebratory meal without a healthy dose of Sri Lankanness. No one else noticed.

Watalappan or not, life had to go on. And dessert had to be made. Ergo, Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies.

I apologise in advance for the lack of oat flour. Due to our kiwi presence I thought it best not to over experiment. Also, it was Eid so what was a bit of wheat going to do?

Anyway I used plain flour for the first time in ages and I was so confused by the soft and fluffy texture I had to check if I’d accidentally used corn starch instead. It seems I have been conditioned to oats to a far greater extent than I had realised.

So in our emergency eggless situation, I made one batch of this recipe in the morning, from Spice Up The Curry, and the only notable change I made was to replace the sugar with honey – and because of that I didn’t add the milk.

  • Mixed 1 cup plain flour with ½ tsp baking soda and salt
  • Beat ½ cup butter then added about 4-5 tbs honey
  • Add 1 cap of vanilla
  • Mix the flour with the butter
  • Add ½ cup chocolate chunks  I don’t really use chocolate chips.
  • Bake for 12 mins at 180°C

This only made 12 cookies which didn’t seem sufficient for both Fizzles and kiwis but I thought it might be safer anyway since it was a bit experimental. But then lil’ kiwi approved it through high levels of consumption and so I baked double later on.

Lil’ kiwi has good taste.

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