While you bake lovely things to feed the Fizzles,  I bake bread and cook peas. Barley bread instructions coming up soon after Ramadan inshaaAllah.

This is all Izzlet#2 wanted for dinner. And water with a straw. I think you can imagine my face right now.

The other Izzlet and I made fish pie. It came out quite nice. Salmon cooked in milk,  then baked with thinly sliced potatoes on top.  All covered in lots of milk and cream.



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Abu Izzlet#2 says:

    Peas and water with a straw seems like a perfectly decent dinner


  2. AFizzle says:

    At least she’s low maintenance 😂


  3. sfizzle says:

    Your children are…unique 😂


  4. mbfizzle says:

    I don’t like plain peas, they are a nice colour though.


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